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Website Maintenance company

Website Maintenance Company is a website maintenance agency with a great portfolio of clients around the world. We offer the best website maintenance services to personal, blogs, and company websites. We have over 10 years of experience and during those years, many individuals and companies have trusted us to maintain their website. We are grateful that we have been able to maintain website which are designed Using different technologies. Is your website developed in raw html or any content management systems like wordpress, Drupal, Shopify or any other; we will be able to make sure that your website is fully maintained.

We have a wonderful team of great engineers who are highly knowledgeable concerning different aspects of website maintenance. Our engineers are able to provide the best solutions depending on any kind of situation.

Webiste maintenance services in UK, USA, Canada, South Africa, Australia and UAE

We are a global agency. Are you located in South Africa, UK, Canada, Australia, USA or any other country; we will always be ready to offer you the best Website maintenance services. We offer website maintenance services to countries in Europe, Africa, North America, Asia and Oceania

Website maintenance Services

There are lots of tasks which are involved when maintaining a website. The tasks can be categorized depending on where such tasks are really required. We do weekly tasks, Monthly tasks, quarterly Tasks and yearly Tasks. The number of tasks to be done on your website depends on the number of pages of the website, technology used to develop the website and its traffic and how often New content is uploaded.

Here are some of the tasks:

Checking that the web pages are loading without errors

It is important to have no errors on your website, when errors occur; they affect the website greatly. They can give a bad signal to search engines and you find that your website is de ranked on particular keywords. It also offers a bad user experience in case the website visitors discover that most of your pages are loading with Errors. We also check for 404 errors which result from some of the pages being indexed but not existing on the website. They are very frustrating but we know how to eliminate them.

Check for any broken links

Broken links can easily be created within the website especially for website with large pages, it is always required to see if there are no broken links on the website. If there are such errors, they can always be resolved by either redirection or creating content

Check All forms to make sure that they are working very perfectly

We have seen cases where important forms are broken on the website. Forms such as the contact form, sign up form, Newsletter forms and other forms on the website which really affects communication between the Website visitors and the owners, the solution here is to always check for the forms to see that they work perfectly. Imagine loosing several inquiries about your products and services, or missing out on several bookings simply because the contact form or booking form does not work. This can be eliminated as well.

Do regular backups for the website

We know that website sometimes to collapse due to several factors however if you have backup files, it is always possible to recover your website to its former glory. This saves a lot of time especially starting from scratch and having to spend countless hours working on your search engine optimization for the site. With backups, you can always recover your website within minutes.

We do Security Scan on the website

There are bad people out there who are always looking for ways to take your website down or to simply benefit from its presence. One of the ways of stopping such malicious acts is by scanning the website for viruses, and other harmful programs. This maintains your website in a healthy state. Imagine a website visitor opening your website in a bid to look for a certain product and services only to find a blank white webpage with words, we hacked this website. Security scans saves you from a lot of stress that comes with restoring a hacked site.

We check for spam content on the website

If you are running a blog, there are always chances that some people always tend to write comments which are spammy in a bid to get a backlink to their website. It is frustrating to see some of those weird comments. We always remove spam content from any of the website that we work on.

We update the website core software and plugins

If you have a website ran on a content management system like wordpress, you will find that regularly need to update the website theme, plugins, php software and others core updates.  These core updates usually have an impact on overall website ranking if not done correctly. We will always make sure that every core update about your website is fully done.

We check for the website loading Speed

There is nothing that is frustrating like having a slow website. You can lose multitude of deals simply because the clients get frustrated when your website is not loading and so they just cancel out the pages and move to your competitor. We will make sure that your website is loading very perfectly and we know that you will not be able to lose out on any deal.  Apart from checking the website speed, we also go an extra mile of optimizing images to make sure that they are light which increases on the website speed.

Check the website content to make sure that it is up to date

There is seasonal content which is written for specified periods of time. These kind of content needs to be update regularly; we always make sure that the website content is up to date. In addition, we also check for the structure of each webpage to make sure that is structured very well. There are pages without h1 tag which is crucial especially if you want to highlight the main topic of the page. If you are running an ecommerce platform, we will have a big task of always adding more products as well as deleting those that are sold out.

We test for the responsiveness of the website

Different website visitors use different devices to access your website. They may visit the website using a desktop, Laptop, Tablet, Mobile Phone and other devices; it is essential that your website can always be accessed on any device. Responsiveness is one of the ranking signals that search engines consider these days. We will make sure that your website is very responsive.

General website review

We do a general website Audit to see what needs to be done to improve your website. Do you need to write more content, add infographics or anything; we are always available to answer our clients.

Get in touch with us about the best Website maintenance services, there are many more other things that we do as part of our website maintain services. Trust us with your website and you will surely stopping about many things related to your website. If your website forms the core part of your life in terms business life, it is always very important that you maintain it very well. Otherwise anything that goes wrong on the website can fully impact your business.


Website maintenance Costs

This is one of the major questions that people ask. We charge the maintenance fees basing on the number of pages for the site, technology used when developing and the number of tasks that are really necessary for your website. Our starting price is usually $250 for small websites.

Are you still looking for the best and professional website maintenance professionals, kindly contact us today.




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